im akio and im a gross 15 year old boy gay for pay

>erenjean Um excuse me. Eren/Armin is the only tolerable ship Eren/Jean is the fusaku of the snk universe. Wait that wasn't even an insult that was a compliment what am I, Shawn Froste, even doing

eren/armin is WEAK and will not survive the winter

should i watch kuroko no basuke or prince of tennis or eyeshield 21 or that new volleyball one or should i finish inazuma life is tough


sports anime is one of the greatest forces of good in the world


i feel about sports anime the way people in sports anime feel about sports tbh

ereri is a shitty ship and the only good eren ship in snk is jeaneren

when will i look like a boy

my web brand


nice gender fucko where’d you get it your mom??

its so weird looking at the inazuma book and seeing endou just stare back at me as i fuck around with my eren jaeger keychain